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                Detailed requirements for the use of machining centers

                Dynamic News | POSTIME 2016-03-10 11:14:31

                 一、Machining centers using environmental requirements

                  For machining centers work environment requirements are as follows:

                  1)To avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to avoid the wet, excessive dust or corrosive gases places.

                  2To stay away from large vibration equipment such as presses, forging equipment.

                  3In air-conditioned environments, may significantly reduce the failure rate of the machine.

                  二、Power requirements for machining centers

                  CNC machine tools of power there is no special requirements, are generally allowed to fluctuate plus or minus 10%, for supply for China's actual situation, for qualified enterprises, CNC machine tools using green power regulator or additional devices to reduce the supply and quality impact and reduce electrical interference.

                  三、When using the machining center operator requirements

                  Machining centers use and maintenance, compared with ordinary machine big difficulty. Give full play to the superiority of the machine, the machine operator on the selection and training of personnel is a very important part. CNC machine operator must have a strong sense of responsibility, good cooperation, good technical basis, a certain machining experience, but to be good brain, eager to learn, CNC technology pursuit of the spirit.

                  四、Processing requirements of machining centers

                Compared with ordinary machining center machining, working in many ways to follow the principles are basically the same, in the use of methods are basically the same. Except that the content of the NC machining more with CNC machining process to work more closely.