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                CNC machining centers can be used in what areas

                Company News | POSTIME 2016-03-10 11:14:31

                  一、CNC machining centers can be used in what areas

                  CNC machining CNC machining center is commonly used in a mechanical device. In the past, CNC machining center is mainly used for precision machining, it is not very common, after ten years of development, today's CNC machining centers become important among the various processing industries CNC machine tools than the essential, which involves a very wide range in all walks of life were able to find its shadow, such as aerospace, marine, automotive, mobile phone metal parts and live among some commonly used metal parts, etc., need to use CNC machining centers. But not to say that a CNC machining center can be done a variety of work, CNC Machining Center Model many aspects of different types of CNC machining centers apply different.

                  二、Different use different types of CNC machining centers

                  A few simple examples, some CNC machining centers processing die can, some can be used for machining large size metal parts, and some can be processed in a number of small metal parts and products.

                  CNC machining centers for machining molds are generally larger distance, for example, we Taiwan-NC VMC850, VMC1060, VMC1270, stroke and some other large CNC machining centers. These CNC machining centers bold interior ribs to increase and strengthen the structural rigidity significantly improve processing stability, high rigidity spindle with high torque means productivity increased by 30%, is the processing of the mold players.

                  When you need to process a large number of standard metal parts, we usually recommend customers choose gantry machining center. Such as the LM1613 small gantry machining centers, vertical machining center is known as the Terminator large, because the use of closed door type structure, rigid than most vertical machining centers have a lot of good, good flex resistance and accuracy and stability sex. A variety of optional tool magazine is greatly improving the processing efficiency of the processed products.