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                Note the use of horizontal machining centers Four Points

                Dynamic News | POSTIME 2016-03-10 11:14:31

                  Horizontal Machining Center refers to the table and the spindle is arranged parallel to the state of machining centers, horizontal machining centers typically have three linear motion axes plus a rotary axis table. Horizontal machining centers can clamp the workpiece once, according to the procedure to choose a different tool, automatically change the spindle speed, programmed sequence in order to complete processing of multiple faces multiple steps, such machining center housing the most suitable machining parts. Next, small series to introduce the use of horizontal machining centers Note four points.

                  Installation Environment Horizontal machining center

                  Horizontal machining center should be installed away from the source, not to be exposed to direct sunlight, no heat radiation and no moisture. If you have a local installation source close to horizontal machining centers, should be set shock ditch around the horizontal machining center. If you do not set the shock groove it will directly affect the precision and stability of the horizontal machining center, a long time will affect the electronic components poor contact failure, affect the reliability of horizontal machining centers.

                  Strict control of voltage and current

                  Horizontal machining centers are usually installed in the machine shop, while the number of processing plant machinery and equipment, will inevitably lead to large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the position of horizontal machining centers installed the necessary strict control power voltage and current, it is necessary to control the power supply voltage and current in horizontal machining centers within the allowable range, be sure to maintain a stable power supply voltage and current, otherwise it will directly affect the lie normal operation machining centers.

                 Temperature and humidity will directly affect the horizontal machining center

                  Horizontal machining center is generally lower than 30 degrees Celsius environment to work properly, the distribution box horizontal machining centers generally have a cooling fan and exhaust fan is set to ensure that the electronic parts and a central processing work is at a constant temperature . If the temperature and humidity is too high will lead to reduced lifetime of the device control system, resulting in an increase in horizontal machining center fault for no reason. Humidity increased, then dust will increase the integrated circuit board failure led directly to poor contact and short circuit occurs.

                  Machine factory parameter settings

                  Customers in the use of horizontal machining centers, can not change the machine default parameter settings, because these default parameter settings directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the various components of the horizontal machining center, only clearance compensation parameter values can be set according to the actual situation. If you want to change the factory-set parameters should contact the manufacturer, and the operation to change the default parameter settings at the factory technical personnel guidance.